SEO Toolbox: 5 Best Free SEO Tools To Use


Free SEO tools lead to digital
marketing success

Every savvy digital marketer has now come to realize that SEO is not a piece of cake.
A lot goes into it in terms of money, time and effort. While goals to get
increased traffic and clicks and being able to translate all of that into
converted customers is important, the reality is that achieving them without
having proper resources in place is next to impossible.

Google receives more than 63,000 search queries per second on a single day. Also, 15 percent of all searches on Google are new. As such, you need to be on the top of its SERP to attain an optimal CTR, which is seen to be 31.7 percent for the top organic search result.

This is where free SEO tools come into the picture as a collection of the armory that can help competitive, go-ahead digital marketers ace the SEO ballgame. You will have to leverage SEO tools to achieve the following benefits:

  • Scale-up your business by simplifying the SEO process.
  • Conduct detailed SEO analysis and SEO audit to improve performance and save time.
  • Conduct a competitor analysis by seeing their backlink profile and keyword usage.
  • Step up your content marketing by identifying high-converting keywords and key phrases.
  • Achieve high returns on investment by converting website clicks to purchases.



The best SEO tools you need to consider using RIGHT NOW

Now that you know why you need SEO tools as a digital marketer, it’s time for you to make a choice from the plethora of SEO tools out there. Looking for ways to save money? There are many free SEO tools available too! Here’s a list of the five best SEO tools that will make the choice easier for you:

Google analytics

Google Analytics certainly deserves to be the first on this list of best SEO tools. Every digital marketer, aiming at higher number of clicks and conversions, should indispensably use this website SEO checker created by the search engine giant itself.

It becomes one of the best SEO tools for its sheer capability to
provide a massive collection of data. It allows you to check how many people
clicked on a specific webpage, how long did they stay there, how specific
keywords performs, and location demographics to name a few.

When you use Google Analytics, you are likely to get in-depth information about your website’s performance—something that can help you devise the best content strategy. It provides the simplest way to find out what website elements work and what do not work for you. It’s a free SEO tool, meaning you don’t have to shell out a whopping sum to enjoy its features.


The second on the list of best SEO tools is SEMrush. If you know the importance of
using the right keywords in your website content, then you will value this
keyword research tool like nothing else. This is amongst the best SEO tools
that brings to all the information you need regarding the ranking of each
keyword on your website.

This feature-rich shows you the position of your keywords on SERPs, the traffic patterns over a year, and the URLs to where your keywords drive traffic. The SEO tool also allows you to find your competitors’ keywords, how they are ranking on SERPs, and create content around them. From SEO analysis to SEO audit, you get help with everything from SEMrush.

Answer the Public

When we talk about search queries, it’s all about asking questions. People look for specific information, which is why they type in their question in Google’s or any other search engine’s search bar. Content marketing is all about coming up with the right answers to these questions, and one of the best SEO tools that help you do so is Answer the Public.

Answer the Public is one of the very few SEO tools that is oriented so well towards content marketers. You can leverage this tool to fetch popular search queries after typing in a keyword. It gives you a clear graphic of all the questions that people ask when they use that keyword. As such, you get valuable insights into the desires and concerns of your audience and create well-targeted content pieces.


Being a nifty website SEO checker, Woorank deserves to be on the list of the best SEO
tools available to digital marketers. It’s simple to use and aims to improve
the SEO of your website. It does so by creating an SEO score and a highly
actionable list called the “Marketing Checklist.” This list is all you need for
fixing any issues found on your website’s SEO.

This is different from most other free SEO tools because it comes with a pane for social sharing. You can find a range of information on this pane, such as number of likes, comments, shares, bookmarks, and backlinks, your website has got across social networks. You can also find a dedicated mobile section that provides useful information on the performance of your webpages on mobile devices.


Last, but certainly not the least, there’s Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest which took the SEO community by storm as he released this tool as a free tool. There is now a premium version to the tool which gives you more options in order to see more search results, keyword suggestions, number of keywords to track and much more.

Ubersuggest is counted amongst the best SEO tools. It leverages Google’s Keyword Planner tool to derive data that lets you come up with different keyword ideas. You can also find valuable data related to each keyword, such as the average cost per click (CPC), search volume, referring domains, backlinks as well as competition level.

The best feature of Ubersuggest is its smartness in filtering out certain keywords
that may not interest you. Not to forget, the updated Ubersuggest 3.0 lets you
get domain metrics by simply putting in the URLs.

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