A Sprint designed to boost brand awareness, drive conversions and increase revenue through in-depth content marketing services.

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What Is A Content Sprint?

A Content Sprint is a roadmap that guides your content strategy. According to the Content Marketing Institute,

‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action’

We start our content sprints by understanding exactly what is already working on your website and where your opportunities are by running an in-depth content audit.

Unlike the traditional retainer model, our Sprint framework allows you to benefit from a fast and efficient turnaround time on content delivery. Why wait for results?

Top Benefits of Content Sprints

No contracts or retainers.

No longterm committments.

Content ideation & topic selection.

Content calendar & detailed briefs.

SEO based keyword & topical research.

Easy to follow content briefs.

Audience engaging content creation.

Dedicated content strategist.

What is a content audit?

By using industry-leading tools paired with our incredible SEO gurus, we discover top-performing pages, keyword gaps, as well as opportunities for growth. 

The content audit feeds directly into crafting your content strategy and topic ideation which will guide your content calendar. 

What is a content calendar?

The content calendar is an effective road map for the type of content you need to be producing every month, and each topic is included with an SEO-driven content brief.

Additionally, there is so much information out there, it’s crucial that your SEO strategy is aligned clearly with your content strategy to ensure the best value and visibility across multiple channels. Learn more about our SEO Sprint Service or Link Building Sprint.

Does my website need a content strategy? 

The answer is YES! 

Content marketing, among all the other benefits, drives higher conversions. studies show that a consistent content strategy has six times the power of traditional marketing for converting people into leads and leads into customers.”

The higher the quality of the content, the more leads you stand to gain from qualified traffic.

The Results

Example of organic traffic improvements

Example of keyword ranking improvements

google analytics showing engagement improvements from seo and content marketing

The Framework

Within our sprint framework, the content sprint falls into the ‘growth sprint’ which includes finding seed keywords for content creation, a completed matrix of content ideas, as well as in-depth content outlines (content briefs).

Growth sprint benefits

Within the content strategy, each piece of content is an asset. Over time, each piece of content becomes a traffic-generating asset for your website. Here are a few of the magical benefits of investing in content marketing:

Maximise your ROI
It generates the highest return on investment of any digital marketing method. This is because content marketing grows organically. Each asset increases in popularity over time versus paid advertising traffic that ceases to exist once you stop paying for the advertisements.

Extend your website’s reach
It is an excellent way to expand your target audience. If you create an incredible piece of content, people from your target audience will engage with it. It is the most effective way you get fresh eyes on your website and its offerings.

Increase brand awareness
When you improve your website’s reach, the awareness of your brand improves. We work to build your brand in a way that also elevates your website’s domain authority and positions you as a trusted thought leader.