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SEO for Dentists


Capture quality customers needing dental treatment.


All in one Dentist SEO Marketing to help you attract more dental patients and more business. Occupying the top space of Google for any searches relating to a dentist in your area will bring you more website traffic and more patients. We optimise core areas of your websites for popular dentistry related keywords, topics and location based searches. 


Dental SEO is a specific strategy which targets people searching for dentist related queries in your area. Like traditional SEO, we still work in all areas of technical SEO, on-page SEO, content marketing as well as off-page SEO (link building).

The focus is more aligned to the common needs of a patient needing to find a dentist or to buy dental products online. As experienced content consultants, we increase your visibility to your target market.

What are the benefist of SEO for Dentists?

  • Improved website visibility and online presence.
  • Increase in keyword rankings at teh top of Google.
  • More quality website traffic that converts.
  • Increase in patient bookings.
  • More patients and referral patience.
  • Boost in monthly and consistent revenue.

How do we target dental patients?

Ensuring that your website meets all of the technical requirements for Google allows us to then optimise the content on your website to meet specific needs which your audience are searching for. This involves using popular and relevant keywords in specific places on your website and naturally within your content.

We utilise technical elements such as structured data (schema mark-up), information architecture, mobile optimisation and website speed to increase your online visibility. There are many opportunities to create engaging and unique content which target primary and secondary keywords. This content is used to engage your audience, provide value and drive organic keyword rankings.

Studies show that 80% of people click on the organic search (SEO driven) results and prefer engaging with organic listings. We ensure that your brand dominates as much space on Google organic search as possible.

When users search things such as ‘dentist near me‘, ‘dental surgery‘, ‘dentist london‘, or ‘newcastle dentistry’ we work to ensure your website ranks number one on Google.  

But, does my dental practice really need SEO?

In this day and age, every company needs to be dominant on Google and be highly accessible for users. Your practice desperately needs a strong online presence. Currently, there are roughly 127,000 searches for the phrase ‘dentist near me‘ in the United Kingdom alone!

We conduct extensive keyword and topical research to identify the best keywords relevant to your dental practice and core service offerings. Why not have patients come to you online? SEO is the most powerful inbound marketing you can use. 

In a study by industry authority Backlinko, we see that position one on Google gets the highest amount of traffic with roughly 31% of clicks. The more your keywords ranking in the top three, the more dental patients you get!

Percentage of expected traffic for Google’s first page

Dentist SEO that really works

As a results driven SEO agency, we provide our clients with value. Quality reporting, transparent management and value for money is what you need. When tacklink SEO for a dental practice, we combine technical SEO, local SEO, link building as well as traditional SEO services to achieve our monthly goals.

It is understandable that the competition in the dental industry is very high. However, with a solid combination of technical skill, creativity and passion, we will be able to get you better exposure and better rankings than your competitors. We do this by studying your competition very closely and monitoring their online tactics.

To target people searching for dental services in specific locations, we utilise local SEO strategies to increase visibility in specific geo locations. Combining excellent local SEO with high quality link building, you will see your location based traffic soar.

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How our SEO Team can help your dental practice

Our Dental SEO team consists of highly skilled, qualified and passionate SEO and content marketers who make sure that every single part of your SEO strategy is perfect. We operate with extreme efficiency and professionalism from our very first client kick off call.

Get started today – increase traffic and patients with specialist dental SEO and enjoy maximum return on investment.

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