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Local SEO is a tactic used to promote your business and increase your customer base in specific geo-locations and increase local business leads.

Most search engines will make your website visible according to specific signals. These signals include things like local citations, Google maps, reviews, as well as social media profile pages, and local content.

According to these signals, search engines will promote your business to the target audience, depending on the specific keywords they searched for.

In a nutshell, we promote your business in Google search engine results to increase website traffic, engagement with your web pages as well as be visible on the first page.

Improve your search rankings and qualified leads.


Do you need SEO experts to handle your local SEO?

With effective Local SEO in place, you are able to get in touch with your local audience, through their Google searches and Geographical information. For example, if your company has offices in different locations, or you have offices in entirely different countries, you can still engage with local customers through organic search due to geo-specific digital marketing.

If you have one office in Birmingham, another one in London, and one in High Wycombe, and potential customers from London need to get your London office as the main search result. This can be a difficult process, especially if you’re a newbie at it.

We use tons of data, like local citations, off-page SEO, optimisation of web design Google My Business as well as local listings to ensure that your local profile is increased. Included in a local SEO campaign are local reviews and business listings so that your business can rank even higher.

Finally, an SEO agency that partners with your local business for success

We analyse a large amount of data from a variety of premium business profile tools, like Google My Business, Bing Places, Google Search Console, and many more, to ensure you are ranking number 1 on Google.

We work to achieve this, by conducting extensive location-based keyword research and monitoring website performance on both despot and mobile devices.

However, we have a few questions for you. Are you happy with your current business services and customer service?

We want you to succeed as much as you do. Quality search engine optimization is worth the investment.

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We want you to outperform the local competition. To do this, we offer the best Search Engine Optimisation, no matter what your industry is, and no matter where you are.

With over a decade of professional work experience, we can roll out a results-driven local SEO strategy.

We know how to get you the results you want, and we are more than happy to work with you and help you achieve your desired goals.

When it comes to specific local SEO services, we start with a detailed SEO audit, content marketing audit, competitor analysis as well as unique traffic forecasting based on specific SEO scenarios.

Google My Business, combined with Google posts, as well as all your business info, like names, addresses, and phone numbers. On top of all of these, we also use your local reviews, in order to boost your local presence.

With our local SEO packages, we are also offering tons of other services. Some of these include marketing plans so that your business gets the attention it deserves.

We also provide content creation, so that you can get links pointing back to your site.

When we create the content you desire or any other digital assets of your choice, we promote your business and your content to your target audience.

We are experts when it comes to SEO link building and outreach.

How Local SEO Works

Local SEO is a fairly complex method that Google uses to rank businesses. Let’s begin by taking a look at how it all started.

Google had trillions of searches to go through and get all the data they need. After analysing all of that data, and the behavior of the users who were conducting the searches, Google found out that many people who are searching for a specific business need to get certain results from their local area.

That’s when Google started implementing its local search algorithm, and more specifically, the proximity factor. This is why Google needs the user’s location when you are searching for something up. They will make sure that the user gets results that are near their area.

This is why we get results near our area when any of us search online for a specific business. So, imagine if a user wants to grab something to eat for dinner. They can simply do a Google search on that, and Google will present the user with different restaurants that are serving dinner near their area.

Why does this matter to you? Well, as a local business, you will have the ability to appear both in global results and local results. And, because of the use of mobile phones, local results might end up being more important for some businesses, since Google can track the user’s location no matter where they are.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

When it comes to SEO, there are a few different ranking factors that you will need to take into consideration if you want to invest in Local SEO. We have already mentioned some of them, but we will be taking a closer look at them here.

The first factor that the Google algorithm takes into consideration is Google My Business (or GMB for short). Your GMB profile needs to send signals of trust clearly, and it also needs to categorise your business correctly.

This can go a long way when it comes to getting exposure for your business. The next one is On-page optimisation. By aligning your website according to your main goals, your website will be much more clear. This will make it much more visible by the search engine.

Another key factor to take into consideration is the type backlinks that you build.

Quality link buidling services make your website trustworthy, and in turn, the search engines will rank it higher than the competition.

The last factor we will cover is the reviews. This is one of the clearest signals for the search engine. If you have tons of original and positive reviews across Google and Yelp, it can benefit your local business greatly.

There are many more SEO ranking factors. We cover all of them in detail in our local SEO package. So, you can contact our consultants, and they will let you know about these factors in much better detail.

Work with one of London’s best local SEO companies

Whether you are a small business, or a large corporation, working with The Converted Click will be one of the best investments you can make in your business because our marketing campaigns truly work.

Focusing on high-quality, relevant traffic will put you in a place to boost your online presence and organic traffic for relevant search queries.

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