Link Building For Business Startups: A Beginner’s Guide

The internet has a wide variety of information to offer in the community. Over the years, small and big companies have discovered the business benefits of the internet.

Companies are creating content to make the internet an entertainment space and bring businesses alive. Quality content supports websites to generate backlinks. Link building has become one of the best SEO strategies over the past years.

As a new business, how do you start to execute a link building strategy? As we go through this post, you will get a grasp of Link building strategy and its tools as a guide to help you achieve your business goals





Building Business Goals for a Startup

Your goal is what you foresee your business in the future. Setting your goals will help you to build your business. Planning is also essential in business.

It will be your guiding tool for your business to succeed. They should come in pairs to make things work.

Here are some of the areas and sample goals you may establish to get through your first year of business.


Target Customers

Getting to know your audience will help you to offer them what they need. You can tell and educate your audience about the benefits of your products or services.

There are elements you might consider in studying your audience. It will depend on what type of business organization you have, either b2b or b2c.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

  • What enterprises would likely need or want the goods or services you provide?
  • Is there a specific persona to communicate with (Director of IT, etc.)?
  • Is there a specific geographic location or territory for your service or goods?
  • What is the revenue requirement to afford your goods or service?

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

  • What kind of customers would likely need or want the goods or services you provide?
  • Is there a specific persona to target? (senior citizens, parents, millennials, etc.)
  • Is there a specific geographic location or territory for your service or goods?
  • Is there an income bracket for them to avail of your good or service?

Establish your marketing plan and objectives

As you know more about your target audience, you will know which marketing plan will work for them.

You can now proceed to develop your marketing plans and objectives. Further, your marketing plans will guide you to meet your goals. Any marketing objective should be SMART.

SMART Objectives Diagram


This step ensures that you are setting measurable and attainable objectives to help your business meet its target at each stage of its lifecycle.

For your marketing plan, you should choose the right strategy that will fit your marketing objectives. You might include the following for your marketing plan:


  • Timeline of how and when you will reach out to prospective customers
  • Acquiring email, social, and ad campaigns
  • Picking key target accounts for strategic focus

Brand Awareness

Your brand stands for your company. It can be a logo, name, symbol, or design that can identify your business.

Brand Awareness is necessary when launching new products and services. It will drive your existing customers to repeat business thereby increasing sales.

Create social media accounts.

Social media offers a wide range of audiences. Social media linking will help your business exposure in so many ways. Here are some benefits of having social media accounts for your business.

  • You can easily reach out to your target audience.
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Educating your customers about the benefit of your product or service
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Increase your prospect customers

Further to these benefits, some social media platforms like Facebook help businesses to analyse data and perform audits for growth and improvement.

Build customer relationships.

Building relationships is not easy especially at the start as other businesses may not be familiar with your brand. You need time and effort to earn the customer’s trust.

Creating customer relationships will result in gaining loyal customers. Retaining customers will generate repetitive sales and promote your product or service by word of mouth. Your loyal customer’s testimonies are free marketing for your product.

Fact: It costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one

Add new products or services.

When a store launches a new product or service to try, it creates new excitement for retained customers. Moreover, it lures new customers to try your new product or service to the existing one.

The purpose of launching new products or services is for your business to grow. Use this approach to diversify your customer base.

Employees’ Development

Training makes an employee feel the improvement and involved in the business.

Providing training and learning for your workforce will give you up to date, fresh resources and knowledge for your business by ensuring that productivity and effectiveness are applied to survive your startup business.



SEO Image

Bring in SEO to achieve your set goals

There is always a reason why we try something new for our business. But we are often down to the main goal, to make our business grow. SEO plays an essential role in a digital marketing strategy.

It can level up your company in so many ways. Here are some SEO functions to help you achieve your set goals at an early stage.

Website traffic

Queries and questions from search engines are called organic searches. Organic searches are from the internet and the most valuable sources of website traffic. An increase in web traffic will increase your visibility and rankings.

Your marketing efforts especially at an early stage should be geared towards Local SEO, this is where you aim to rank high for local searches.

Ranking and Visibility

The more the audience visits your website, the more they see or view what you can offer. Increasing visibility is one of the main functions of SEO especially if you are new to the market.

It makes the customers find your product or service easily. Visibility is related to your website ranking. The higher the rank of your site, the more the audience can click and visit your site

Site authority

Site authority refers to the relevance of a specific subject area or industry. Also, it defines the trustworthiness of a website. The more authoritative your site, the higher the rank it will get.


The ultimate goal of SEO is to help businesses achieve growth. In all aspects, SEO will help you to improve your customer experience, boost your web traffic, increase your site authority, and build a relationship with your customer.

Overall, it means more sales for your startup business.

Buying Cycle

How does SEO affect the buying cycle of the audience? it plays a role through the use of research and buying cycle.

It is like a magnet that lures prospective customers with the use of relevant keywords and phrases aimed ideally to appear above the fold in a Search engine results page. It is where most traffic click and find their answers.

Also, Businesses use SEO to relay the beneficial deal message of their products or services. Visibility of your brand to the right target market at the right time, will boost website traffic and subsequently conversions.


SEO is relatively cheap, unlike other marketing strategies. Before traditional marketers printed flyers, coupons, and more to spread out product deals or services.

SEO offers a wide range of marketing channels to reach your target customers. Building quality links is a good and long investment for your business.

SEO is a Long Term Marketing Strategy

SEO is a long term marketing strategy as it depends on the internet trend. SEO results are more noticeable after a year of the campaign start date.

As trends evolve, you need to adapt to changes for your marketing. The more time committed to it, the better and fruitful the results will be.

SEO is Quantifiable

With your set goals, you can say that your strategy is successful if you are hitting them all.

However, SEO does not offer an easy to calculate ROI (Return of Income). You may be needing the help of some tools to monitor and conduct analysis.




Quality over Quantity: Follow White Hat Link Building Strategies


Ordinarily when running a business, one might need to look for a connection or a partner to make the business stable, just like a restaurant needing a supplier to operate the business.

Likewise, in SEO, there are many different link building strategies to secure a backlink. Here are the most successful and recommended strategies commonly used to generate links.

Content Links

Content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience. Creating content is one of the digital marketing strategies.

Content link strategy uses the creation of the content with inserted links on third-party websites. The link is within the article, any writing piece, or in an infographic.

It is an ideal method of generating links, finding potential customers,  as long as the client has linkable assets.

Articles that are unique and informative, statistics, or other useful data are samples of linkable assets.

You can increase the website’s ranking by using targeted keywords within the content.

Content links strategy connects to the ability that the content value is either created for your audience or your client’s website.

Resource Page Links

A resource page is simply the page on the website that lists essential links and resources for a specific topic.

For example, a travel blog about the Philippines might have a resource page dedicated to places in the Philippines.

A resource page link is one of the most common reasons websites link to lead their customers to helpful resources.

It is a concept of under-promoted or undervalued resources on your client’s website.

The main goal is to find other sites with resource pages for their community and improve your client’s resource.

Ideally, a resource link would propose something of value to an audience, like a calculator, widget, or another tool that is not advertorial in nature.

There is a reason behind the person who included the link in the website.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a White hat link building technique that builds links by finding broken links (404 errors), recreates its broken content and uses a webmaster to repair the broken link by using your newly created content link.

404 Reclamation

Like Broken links, deadlink, or 404 reclamations are pages that can break when something goes wrong. Marketers will attempt to have them fixed to point to your website, content, resources, and pages.

It is a good start to look for deadlinks as it affects your off-page SEO. You can use Webmaster Tools to look for 404s or contact the webmaster to fix the link.

Fresh Mention

Get your brand, products, services or website mentioned or cited online by other websites that simply do not link back to your website. This instills trust and authority for your business brand.

You may contact the webmaster or owner to give thanks for mentioning your client or your brand.

Take this as an opportunity to ask if they want to include a link back to you. It pays off to prioritise links from high-quality pages.

Niche or Directory Listing

Usually, a directory is a catalog that contains references. In SEO, Directory listings are niche or general directories that save as online phone books with the company’s information, including name, address, phone number, website address and sometimes a map.

Some directory listing website permits to post photos of your business, hours of operation and other essential data.

Directory listing as a tactic will give your site a chance to reach higher search engine rankings, develop trust with customers, and serves as a host for your brand online reviews.

When reviewing a directory website, look if your niche has relevance to it, limited use of advertisements, and clear signs of editorial restraint. As many directories today are considered a link farm, you should be extra vigilant


Hearing the word Scholarship means free learning. In today’s circumstances, online learning is more valuable.

With a scholarship or student discount, there is an enormous opportunity to earn from websites which are in the education industry

You can create a static page and offer the scholarships consistently. The links can be generated by reaching out to related educational websites.

Let them know about the scholarship opportunity and request a link to connect to the scholarship page.

Special Service/Senior Discount

As a citizen, privileges such as discounts are the priority to look for or ask when buying.

It is the same as the scholarship discount if you or your client is offering military, community service, or senior citizen related products or services.

You will be able to obtain high value links.You can send an outreach email to let them know about your discount offers.

Moving Man Method

In this technique, you will aim to build quality backlinks with a blend of broken link building and 404 reclamations.

Brian Dean of Backlinko developed the uniqueness of broken links to generate high-quality backlinks without guest posting.

To begin, look for sites that no longer live or have modified URLs. Then, backlink the old site to look for any website that is associated with it.

Send out an outreach email to inform them of the dead URL and propose your link as a replacement.



Link Building Tools

Link building tools are essential to help you in monitoring and tracking the status of your business. Here are the most famous SEO tools to support the strategy that you are using.

SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool for online marketing.  You can use SEMrush to conduct an audit on your blog, look for areas for improvement, and many more. It is a world trusted tool for big and small businesses.

Moz or Moz Pro is an all in one SEO tool that makes inbound marketing easy. It helps businesses to manage numerous features of their SEO campaign. In addition Moz helps you have a better understanding of your audience.

Ahrefs is a full toolset for both SEO and marketing strategy. It has an SEO feature revealing marketing opportunities and improvements. It is convenient to use as results are just a few clicks away.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. It has the feature of tracking and reports of website traffic. Also, It is Google’s free web analytics service and allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis detail about the guests to your website. Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software.

Screaming Frog is an SEO Spider and desktop program that helps you develop onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues.

Buzzstream is a web-based software that helps you stay arranged and grow your digital PR and link building results.




Remember, it is about quality links over quantity. Link building is now a necessity for any website in order to gain audience trust, build authority, increase visibility and subsequently achieve set goals.

Business startups have to think smarter and make swift decisions  in order to establish their digital presence and stay abreast or outperform their competition.

SEO presents a fair playground for marketers to present their message at the right time and to the right target market. The ball is in your court!