How To Manage And Optimise On Your Existing SEO Backlinks

‘A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush’ This saying is what you should apply when it comes to your existing business relationships.

Business relationships are vital in establishing trust and credibility in the market. It is less costly to retain your customers than it is to find and acquire new customers.

Similarly in the quest for digital brand or product awareness, brand visibility, quality traffic and  conversions for your business, do not neglect those backlinks that you have already built.

A good link building strategy will see to it that your backlinks are treasured, maintained and optimised to reach their full market potential.

Link building for businesses

Research shows link building for businesses has a high success rate once executed correctly.  It allows you to widen your brand exposure and visibility. When a website becomes famous, it gains more quality inbound links. 

A reliable and authoritative site will offer your website quality links. Building quality links will then highly rank your website. Aim at creating sustainable backlinks, which concentrates not on unlimited links but getting high-quality links.

Benefits of Link building

When you have good link strategy going,  you will reap the following benefits among others; 

  • more content exposure  in search results.
  • web traffic increases from other sites that are connected to you. 
  • increased  website authority through domain rating
  • Well-structured content which leads to more incoming quality links that are a valuable resource
  • supports index research for faster results in finding the website.
  • strong backlink relationships with other businesses.
  • builds website credibility and earns the customer’s trust.
  • gives your business more chances of getting sales

Where to get those links?

Pursuing quality links can help you build loads of fresh long-term business relationships with some of the top dogs or leaders in your industry.

Through these relationships, you will get exposure to the best in the industry. Quality backlinks are links from such leaders in the industry, with high domain ratings.  This is essential in making your website rank. 

Here are some tactics to getting  these high-quality links. 

1. Write a resource post.

There are a number of reasons people browse the internet including getting information on a particular subject or commercial buying of products and services.

Resource pages are a list of helpful links to a specific topic. Writing a resource post for your website is a smart way to start. 

It lures the target audience in a natural flow. If you plan to write a resource post, remember to have the content stick to its goal. Here are tips to make your content compelling:

  • Think of unique headlines. 
  • Research a topic and share your experiences and point of view. 
  • Write a headline with an accurate and specific goal.
  • Recognise other people’s pages when used as a reference. Inform them and ask if you can get any backlinks or social media shares

2. Engage in Public Relations

PR or Public Relations is the deliberation of releasing and spreading of data. Also, PR is a relationship between individuals, a group and the public.

The released information can affect the perception of the audience. Most PR professionals help businesses to establish a confident reputation to the public. They use different channels to spread data on various paid and unpaid ads. 

Besides blog posting, a press release is an effective way to share your work. It further helps to improve your search ranking on Google. 

3. Find Content lapses or gaps.

Finding gaps or lapses creates an opportunity for your improvement. Content gaps are the space between the user question and what answer they received. Filling in content gaps will allow you to generate authoritative links. 

Use the advantage of the lapses of some bloggers to make your content ahead of them. Most of them focus on text-based composition. The use of images or infographics make the content interactive. Remember, most people respond to visual information rather than context. Read further on Content Marketing

4. Infographics

Infographics are graphic representations of any information meant to convey a message promptly and clearly. Creating an infographic on hot topics will earn you authoritative links. Instagram and Twitter get the most audience engagement in terms of infographics. 

5. Check your competitor

Monitoring your competitor will help you to check their backlink sources. Conducting an audit on your competitor will show your position and room for improvement. 

It is much easier for you to determine where you should focus your improvement. Also, it will give you a hint to improve your niche for google ranking. 

The goal of checking your competitor is to outperform them or benchmark their tactics. You can take these steps to conduct your competitor’s analysis. 

  1. Look for your competitor’s URL. Also, it reveals your ups and downs. Spying is not a bad practice. It is the best you can to kick out the opponent from the picture. 
  2. Check how many backlinks they have. Finding out your competitor’s backlinks will give you other data such as the Domain score, Page score, Anchor text, and more.
  3. Find out the source of the backlinks. You can always take advantage of making the strategy better than them. 

6. Fixing Broken Links 

Broken links or Dead links are websites that are not working anymore. You may encounter an error page when you click the link. When you are new to link building, you are not aware that broken links can be a good source of quality links. 

Compose your outreach email and send it to the webmaster. Make your outreach email specific and straightforward. Tell them what you notice, suggest, and offer that you have ways to fix the broken links.

7. Use a credible influencer

Popularity attracts people’s eyes. Interviews and promotions using influencers will move your branding to the next level. They can drive more website traffic to become your prospective leads.

Influencer recommendations are more likely to be trusted due to their public image. Businesses use influencers and ambassadors to influence people’s buying decisions. 

8. Repurposing your content

Writing valuable content drives the interest of your audience. Moreover, giving the exact answers to their needs helps them to decide on their next move. 

Reproducing content is when you make the content fresh and updated to earn new links. Also, it does not mean to duplicate the content but to write a new form of the content. 

It helps to drive traffic and increase authoritative links. Make your repurposing content strategy in a way that your audience will love to read and access your content. Further  to increasing website traffic, it will boost your conversion rate. 

9. Advance Guest posting

Guest blogging is one of the most used link building strategies to earn links. It is proven and has been tested in recent times. Apart from generating links, here are some of its advantages:

  • Increase the number of visitors and readers to your website. 
  • Blogging builds your branding.
  • Establish a relationship with the audience or co-blogger.
  • Generate your links in a natural flow. 
  • Blogging improves your Google Search ranking. 
  • It increases engagement with the reader through comments.

10. Use of Charts, Tables, and Graphs

Charts, tables, graphs are the visual representation of relationships between data. It is to simplify the message of the correlating data. Use of visual representation makes the message simplified for the readers. 

Images create flow for you to produce authority links. Also, you can create graphs and charts to associate with your content. There are tools to help you with visual representations. In creating a visual representation, do not manipulate the result. Either good or bad, it will make you credible and show your expertise.

Managing existing links

Managing existing SEO backlinks is essential in maintaining your Google ranking. Monitoring your existing links makes you aware of your campaign status, gaps and harmful links. It will allow you to take immediate action toward opportunities.

What opportunities I need to keep track of in my profile?

Maintaining and tracking your link building campaign gives you an overall view of your strategy. Analysing your profile for tracking your metrics will give you an idea of your applied techniques. Sooner, you will discover new tactics applicable to your campaign.

Here are the metrics you need to take care of:

  • Check the date when the link went live. It is for you to check if the webmaster moved the page or the page itself becomes a broken link.

  • Review your referring domains. This way, you will discover loads of opportunities. There are potentially spammy links or untrusted URLs linked to your site. You need to eliminate and fix them before they cause you problems. Also, it can affect your other metrics and website visibility.

  • Is there an anchor text used? Anchor text is one of the SEO elements helping you identify which websites have spam works and which are  legit. An anchor text also tells your readers where they can find more information about the said topic.

  • How many Dofollow and Nofollow links are there? Both contribute to your website ranking. However, it is better to identify which of your links bring backlinks. 

Utilising existing backlinks

A smart way to save resources is to maintain its status. A quality backlink will generate good results by keeping it updated, it will lead to more opportunities. Here are several steps that might help you manage your existing backlinks. 

Step 1: Protect your links

Links are like the treasure boxes that you need to protect. Losing backlinks will affect the whole campaign. It is the first step in managing your backlinks. 

There are factors you cannot control such as;

  •  website closure 
  • Webmaster moving or updating outdated pages.
  • They remove your link, or 
  • They replace you as the reference or the link.

However, there are many alternatives that you can pursue to retrieve a link. For instance, the webmaster might not realise that there is an error that occurred on the page. They can publish and bring back the backlink.

Step 2: Review your fresh links

Newly acquired links will give you opportunities to check on your strategy status. Analysing your fresh acquired links will help you to know what content will fill in your audience. 

Along with the other webmaster linked to your site, they will notice changes and growth in your page. They might find your content worth sharing, reliable, and relevant. 

Platforms for managing backlinks allow you to combine different data and insights to form a new strategy. It always ends with the same goal, to increase the number of your quality links.

Step 3: Build more links with your link building strategies.

Identifying, tracking, and expanding your campaign profile are your routines in successfully managing your existing links. 

There are a bunch of strategies and ideas that you can do to generate links. Here are some of the most popular and successful link building strategies: 

  • Writing a guest post and publishing it to top rank sites.
  • Sending outreach emails to webmasters. Pitching guest posts or requesting a link in the body of the content.
  •  Searching and looking for unlinked brand mentions. Ask the webmaster if they can include your link as a reference.
  • You need to send out people for a product review. 
  • Participate and engage in forums and discussions. You can include links in your answers.
  • Conduct or guest an interview.

Step 4: Competitor link analysis

It is business as usual. Inspecting your competitor will always give you an edge. Auditing your top opponents gives an insight into your next. It is often a great move to take a few steps away from the competition.  

Assessing your competitor’s backlinks will make you realize many possibilities: 

  • Results will provide you the status and how well your competitors are fairing. 
  • It will give you the numbers and source of quality links your competitor has. You can review their profile and study how they came up with those links.
  • Find out how you can adopt or enhance the strategy used. 

Tools you can use to Manage your existing links.

Tracking and monitoring your campaign needs a lot of understanding and critical thinking. Therefore, tools are the right hand of every marketer. There are a lot of tools that you can use to keep track of your campaign. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools gives you the site’s performance like link data, organic search traffic, and other recommendations for your website to grow. 

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights helps marketers understand solutions on how they can improve their site performance and navigation. It defines how fast or slow the site for a user. The highest score is 100, 59 below is considered low. 

Page speed plays an essential role in the user’s impression of the website. The customer’s user experience begins in landing on the home page. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor all of the sites and information. Aside from being free, it is a must-have tool as a marketer. Google Analytics can give you analysis and reports that will help your campaign grow. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for newbies and startup businesses. It provides insights into your audience, what key terms drive organic traffic, and more. 

Schema builder

A schema is a form of code placed on your website for Google to understand your content easier. Schema builder allows you to follow your schema markup. It gives details like the field values, required fields and others.


BuzzStream is a tool that everyone can use. This tool offers fast-tracking of contacts and information dedicated for outreach purposes. 

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO has a lot of things to offer. More likely related to the backlink profile analysis such as External backlinks, backlink history and more. The tool will give you an insight into building your strategy better. 

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a helpful tool that measures your backlinks, pages, domain and anchor text. It is for you to formulate a better strategy in competing online.


Ahrefs is one of the most accurate tools in terms of backlinks analysis. It has a large backlink checking solution, best for a competitor backlink analysis. 


SEMrush is an all-in-tool used for SEO audits and monitoring. Also, it gives you marketing insights and opportunities to improve your online visibility. It is one of the recommended SEO tools for Campaign Management.


Links are the heart of your campaign. Managing your existing backlinks will give you more expertise and new learnings. Learning never stops. Always allow yourself to acquire new from what you have on your hands. You can never share what you don’t have.