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Engaging storytelling in the form of engaging content, SEO copy and content consulting.




A Content Marketing Consultant will use  a focused method of content marketing which to engage your audience, This is known as ‘story telling’ and is highly successful in achieving your content goals.

Over the last decade, we have been combining creative content strategies, market data and technical SEO skills to craft exceptional content and content marketing to capture many audiences for our clients.

A good content consulting strategy is based upon a solid foundation of audience research, competitor research, keyword research as well as topical research. We are able to identify intricate details within your competitors content which we leverage in your strategy.

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Why you need Consistent Content Consulting?

Using a specialist content consultant save you time and money. An external resource is highly trained, professional and extremely specialist in content creation and SEO. All of our team members are focused, professional and trained in SEO and content consulting best practice.


Building a long term relationship with your online audience boosts trust, authority and a way for users to spend a lot of time on your website, which search engines love.

By providing the best possible answer to various search queries as quickly as possible is what Google loves and likes to show to users in the Search Results. Turn your content readers into valuable customers.




Acquire long-term, solid relationship with your target audience.

Boost your organic rankings and higher brand visibility in search engines.
Cost-effective lead generation – we create content which is ‘evergreen’.
Improve brand reputation by creating valuable connections with your audience.
Increased conversion rates – add well-placed call to actions.

Increased authority and credibility.

More referral traffic – quality digital assets in different forms.
Higher domain rating & trust – create link-worthy content.

What does a content strategy entail?

The first step to a successful content strategy is to clearly define your business objectives and what you want your website to achieve. Our content consultants and SEO specialists will ensure that we understand your needs so that you will get the best solution.

We have worked in many industries to create unique content campaigns, behavioral change content, edirorial content, educational content and content for conversion rate optimisation.

Because best practice Search Engine Optimisation and local SEO is our core foundation, everyone one of our content consultants are highly skilled are creating copy, articles and content that convertes.

In fact, we take the content creation process even further by utilising the latest technology to craft unique digital assets which convert extremely well in outreach.

Essential content creation process

To understand your target market, customer personas are an essential aspect to creating content which engages your audience and increases quality traffic. We can build buyer personas for the content creation process to be tailored for your specific market.

We builed custom content strategies provide exact guidelines and requirements for each piece of content based on specific keyword research. We provide search volumes per keyword, keyword difficulty, keyword variations, topical context, word count, image count and more. Our content consultants pave the way for extremely focused content creation.

We launch your content campaigns with confidence for success as the content research process is so solid. Whether you would like to create the content inhouse or have us create it for you, your content strategy is detailed enough to achieve great results.

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