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Link building should be exciting, challenging and yield results. 

Foll our link building content series and access brilliant strategies to get more links. Not only will you achieve results from your link building efforts, you will enjoy the process and feel inspired by creativity.


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Link building for business

We make a case for why you need link building on a business level to improve your bottom link. Don’t just get links for the sake of it, use a business approach to acquire links. Read article now

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UX Design

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Database Design

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Social media link building

Integrate link building into your social media marketing and unite two world of powerful relationships, networking and links in 2021. Access the guide here

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Intro to Coding

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Apps & Games

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Become an expert

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Learn by Doing

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Build your portfolio

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Achieve your goals

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My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

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John Smith, Divi Design Initiative

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Free Courses

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A Brief Guide to Optimise your Dental Website for SEO

As more and more people search on google for answers, it has become fiercely competitive to get noticed for your products and services in the market. This is the case in the dental industry, requiring dental practices to stand out and beat the competition.

Experience and research has shown that when a dental practice ranks high in some of the world’s most competitive cities, the traffic volumes from organic traffic can be considerably high, deducing that the return on investment on an effective dental SEO campaign is well worth the time and effort.

Why not optimise your dental practice’s website? There are a lot of advantages you can take from using SEO for Dentists. Let’s discuss it further as we go through this post.

illustration of doctor with people

A Quick recap: what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO practices enable your business to rank highly preferably, above the fold in search engine results pages (SERP) where the ultimate goal is to gain visibility and acquire quality organic (unpaid) traffic  to your web pages or website.

With proper research, strategy execution, monitoring and a splash of patience, you will reap sustainable lifetime value.

Benefits of SEO in your Dental Website

Google presents a levelled playing field for all organic traffic, prospective customers mostly gravitate towards google search prior to their final decision making. Have you ever wondered how a dentist gets its customers? or how you ended up choosing your last dentist? 

You would be surprised to know that not only do most people rely on ‘dentists near me’ in google, but most importantly rely on reviews on google and word of mouth.

As such SEO for dentists, also called dental SEO, focuses on optimizing a dental practice’s website for search engines and users to increase the site’s visibility in search engine results’ pages.

An effective SEO strategy will benefit your practice and your target audience. The following include the main benefits of using SEO for Dental Practices.

Once your website gets ranked, Google will refer your website to answer people’s queries. Gear up your website with correct and relevant keywords to link to your content. Optimise your landing pages to minimise bounce rates

Boost your Website Traffic

Utilise the ‘free’ google clicks on your ranked pages. The more people see your contact, great reviews, and location, the more you will get increased traffic to your website which breeds higher conversions and profits for your business. 

seo for dentists and doctors

Promotes a better customer experience and conversion rate

SEO can give a better customer experience for your audience. It includes giving your audience the correct and relevant information at the right pivotal moment.

When more people are visiting your website, the chance of getting more sales also increases. It will give you higher results of conversion rate, helping your website to rank up.


SEO is Cost Efficient

Using SEO as your marketing strategy is more cost-efficient than the others. The internet can offer a lot of channels where you can share your content.

Further, this marketing technique enables the audience to initiate an action (search query) and you are able to serve them with a product or service at the right point to meet their needs

SEO will help your clients to visit your clinic

Local SEO will help your patients to locate and visit your clinic. If your website is ranked above the fold in SERP in your local area, there is a high chance of getting patients within the location. 

It helps to boost your website credibility and promote brand awareness

When most people visit your website, it increases your website traffic. Meaning people trust your website more than others. Earning trust is not that easy as the blink of an eye. 

Trust and credibility builds long term loyal customer relationships hence profits for your business.

SEO helps you to establish your brand awareness. Being on the top search result will earn you the spotlight of being known in that specific field. The best result of it is getting famous and getting more potential clients and of course profits.


Stepping ahead from your competitors


The main goal of this strategy is to be ahead of your competitors. You can research your competitor’s status and analyze it. From there, you will know your edge and what you should improve. There are a lot of effective SEO strategies that you can do to offbeat your competitors.

With all the benefits you can get, you might wonder how to get results using the SEO to your dental website. 


How to Optimize your Website

There are many ways to increase your website traffic. Here are the simplest ways to set up your SEO campaign.

Step 1: Analyze your website and do intensive keyword research

Analyze your website to determine your weak points and edges. From the result, you will discover what element you should work on to improve.

Using the right keywords will help your website rank up. Keywords are terms that people use to find answers in search engines. It is essential to use keywords intelligently so that Google can refer to your dental website as relevant to the query.

Compose well-structured articles and develop your on-page SEO

According to research, 1,600 words articles is the ideal length. Before starting to write your blog post, make sure to consult Google to check the most researched keywords so that you can highlight and emphasize your chosen keywords.

You can use industry best seo tools such as Ahrefs to analyse keywords.

These on-page elements keep your website alive. These include your:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt text
  • URLs
  • Page Speed
  • Internal Linking
  • Headings
  • Relevancy and responsive design
  • User experience


Ensure that all of these are working, continuous monitoring is crucial. Strive for your website to give a great first impression to your audience or clients.

Why should you invest in SEO?

SEO will give you the best result in digital marketing. Using your content, you will get more clients who are thinking of pursuing something related to your industry. 

For example, a mother of kids looking for a dentist in your local area, we can’t deny that she might look for an answer on Google. 

This act is to confirm the clinic’s information. If your website is in top search engine results, she might probably visit your website. If your website is beneficial enough to convince the patients, they will eventually go to your clinic.

Another point is sharing your goal with your prospective clients or patients. You can educate them by writing an informative blog post about dentistry. Also, you can create a community and get them involved in your clinic’s activities.

To Sum it all

SEO is not company eccentric, but focuses more on customer or client. It makes sure that content is valuable, relevant and beneficial. SEO for Dentists is surely the way to go. Your dental practice will benefit from increased traffic volume, trust and credibility.

Latest Social Media Link Building Strategies: 2021 Guide

Social media channels connect people wherever they are in this world. It creates bonds and relationships, sometimes reunites people long lost in time.

With millions of users around the globe, it is a good market source to for potential customers.

Businesses also find social platforms as  reliable  tools for implementing different kinds of marketing techniques and strategies particularly Link building and Content Management

As we go through this article, we will review all about link building strategy and social media link building strategies.

Let’s review

It is not new to those of us in the digital marketing industry hearing the use of  Social Media platforms to boost Link building. But for beginners, you may ask, ”what is Link building?”

Link building refers to the process of acquiring another website to link to your website and vice versa. It is one of the many strategies used in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Building quality links will help your website to rank up and appear in top search results.

When your site appears in the top results, it becomes more visible to the users thereby standing a better chance of receiving more clicks or traffic.

This traffic or visitors present an opportunity to convert and become your prospect leads. The more visitors you get to your site, the more chances you get to close a sale or achieve your set objectives.

What is the connection between  social media and link building?

A good link building strategy goes way beyond giving and getting a link back to your website. It focuses on continuous engagement which gradually  builds good relationships. The focus should be on people who can share or link to your content.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, among others present a variety of communities that you can choose to engage with to build these relationships.

Relevant or interesting content will be shared by the community increasing your brand awareness and visibility.

How it works?

Social links may not directly impact your search ranking, but will help you get more traffic for your website and other areas of link building such as:

  • outreach
  • Finding new prospect links
  • Getting New ideas for your next content
  • The social media platform is an effective channel for your content promotion.

link building image

Benefits and Advantages of Social Media Link building

Favourable circumstances create a valuable result. The use of social media links presents several  advantages for businesses. Here with a few benefits resulting from the use of social media.

Increase in Local Citation

Local citation is when your business or brand is mentioned by other sites that you are not linked to. Local citations are a major part of search engine algorithms. They show that your business is reputable enough for people to talk about online, and they help search engines understand where you’re located, what you do, and more.

Social Media is also largely used by people trying to find local businesses that can provide for their needs. Businesses take advantage to discover nearby areas where their product or service can dominate.

Increase your Domain Authority

Content that is shared to the different social media platforms builds your website authority, credibility and ranking. Your domain authority represents how successful your website is. Read further content strategy.

Boost your Brand Awareness.

As mentioned above, social media is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness and visibility. It gives a chance for your conversion to spike. The more people get to know your product or services, the more the possibility of getting sales.

Feedback, Suggestions and Satisfaction.

Social media users are active. You can gather feedback, suggestions and satisfaction comments. It is the best way to test a new product before launching.  It can also develop your social engagement and thus earn the trust and loyalty of your prospective customers.

Feedback helps you identify areas for improvement, while the satisfaction comment drives the numbers of new customers and retains customers. Suggestions create new ideas that may contribute to your business growth.


When it comes to marketing expenses, social media offers the cheapest approach to marketing strategy. It is free, from your page promoting to the audience’s shares and engagements. It is worth investing especially for beginners.

It has an analytical tool that helps you with tracking and monitoring the status of your marketing outreach. Also, reports generated from social media will help you identify what you need to enhance to reach your goal.

How to Set up your Social Media for Link Building

Spreading the word of your brand means creating more roots in your channels through setting up of your social media profiles or account.

Setting up your Facebook Page

When setting  your Facebook page, do not mix your personal profile and business profile. It’s a violation and you may face penalties if you use a personal account for business.

You can create your business profile with this path: > Create account > Enter the name of your business and other required details > click Submit.

Here are other fields that you need to set up:

  • Profile picture. Use PNG instead of JPG. It has better results with a 170 x 170 px logo.
  • Cover or wall photo. 820 x 312 px image with at least 400 x 150 px.
  • Business Location
  • Operating hours
  • A brief idea about your business
  • Call to action tab
  • Verification of account

You can also take a free training course from Facebook to learn more about a business page set up.

Setting your Instagram Profile

Setting your Instagram profile is connected with your Facebook profile. Make sure that details are filled out correctly before creating your Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram, therefore, you will use the same platform to make your business profile.

You can follow this path to create your profile:

Profile > Settings >Account> Switch to Professional Account > Business > Option to link your Facebook Page to your business profile > Add details > click done.

Here are other fields that you need to set up:

  • Your business contact details such as email address, phone number and business location
  • Your ”contact” button.
  • Your business logo. It has to be a 160 x 160 px circle.
  • Business Information. Describe your business in 150 words. You can include your product or service branding and hashtags linked to your page.
  • Your website’s URL. It is an option for you to add your URL, an email subscription, or your landing page.
  • Connect your other social media accounts. You have the option to link your other channel accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that business details from different channels are matching.

After setting your business account, you will turn it to your business page. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your business account. ( You can add up to five Instagram accounts)
  2. Go to your account setting.
  3. Choose ”Switch to Business Profile”.
  4. Continue to connect your Facebook account.
  5. Select the Facebook Page you want to link to your Instagram account.
  6. Your Facebook details will automatically fill in other information to your Instagram account.
  7. Make sure that contact details are correct and active for sudden queries.

Also, Facebook offers helpful blogs and videos to learn more about promoting your business on Instagram. Visit the  Instagram Business Blog for videos, blogs, tips, and more.

social platforms link building image

Setting your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to B2B businesses, LinkedIn is top-rated among the social media channels. LinkedIn is perfectly fit for a business-to-business network.

LinkedIn for businesses creates an engaging network and establishes business credibility. There are more than 30 million companies that use LinkedIn., either small or big businesses.

Your profile includes your personal information and how you can network a business with others. There is also an option for you to make your ”showcase page” and ”company page”.

On a company page, you can highlight your company brand, updates, news, and more. Also, you can use the page for posting job opportunities and your company’s values and culture. LinkedIn showcase page is where you can establish a community and interact with followers.

Here are the profile requirements before you can create your business page:

  • Your personal profile needs to be at least seven days old.
  • You are an active employee of the company you listed on your account.
  • You have the company contact details like the confirmed email address.

Here the other field that you need to set up:

  • Your Company Page URL. The URL must include at least one non-numeric character. Also, it begins or ends with a hyphen.
  • Company Information ranges between 250–2,000 characters.
  • Company Logo has to be 300 x 300 px.
  • Your company cover image has to be 1536 x 768 px.

You can also check Linkedin Learning for further information about setting your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn courses are for premium accounts. It offers a lot of tutorials and tips that are worth the investment.

Setting your Twitter Profile

Twitter is a social media site whose purpose is to connect people and share their thoughts with a bigger audience. For the business, having a vast audience is a huge opportunity to make sales. Twitter enables you to set up multiple accounts.

What challenges the user is the number of characters you can input. You have to choose wisely your words. Remember, tweets must be short yet informative.

Here the field that you need to set up:

  • Profile Picture should be in 400 x 400 px.
  • Header Photo is 1500 x 500 px.
  • Your username is formatted like @yourcompanyname.
  • Company Description has a maximum of 160 characters. You may also include your keywords.
  • Verify your Twitter account

Verified accounts establish trust and credibility. You may check ’Twitter Basics for business’ for more building tips.




Social Media Strategies and Techniques

Social media has an enormous impact on making your sales spike. Research shows that social media strategy is an effective way to earn links. It helps you to rank up your site.

Here are several techniques to generate links using social media channels.

1. Compose your website content.

After creating your social media profiles, you can use your profiles to share your website content. It is a better way to start earning links.

You may also include the content link to any of your cover photos, images, and post description. Make sure that your content is accessible to be shared by the readers.

2. Check your customer’s review

Reviews and testimonies are beneficial for your product or services. They can give you social evidence, retain your content fresh due to comments and reviews, and it can boost your social engagement.

How do your customers’ reviews help you to get links?

  • they boost your social media profile in search engine results.
  • they help your keywords rank.
  • Positive reviews get the trust of existing and lure in a new audience.

The following are examples of how you can gather customer reviews;

  • send customers an automated email to review a product or service after a purchase.
  • Offer something in exchange for a review. Most of the reviews are coupons or discounts for the next purchase.
  • Proactively monitor and take immediate action towards negative reviews.
  • Make an announcement or post that you are giving a reward for reviews.

3. Monitor mentions in social media.

Mentions from audiences are evidence that they are aware of your existence. Getting links is easier. There is Social link building software that helps you to find brand mentions. One of them is Mention.

Mention is a perfect tool to monitor brand mentions online. It is a real-time tool that you will know if someone tagged you or your business. 

4. Social media influencers

The use of a famous personality and a brand ambassador is not a new strategy in business. There are a lot of benefits in using an Influencer:

  • Increase the audience.
  • Build customer’s trust.
  • The audience can easily remember your brand.

5. Use Images, Videos, and Infographics

Images, videos and infographics are the most often shared content on social media. Research shows that most of the audience can understand more of the content by looking at a visual representation.

Sharing any visual representation will give you a link. You need to embed the link to an infographic or any sharable content. People may find it easier to share an image rather than an article.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other channels may be called a Social media link generator They can give you quality links as long as your strategy is well executed. Discovering a new platform that will contribute to the growth of your business. Discoveries are still trial and error to begin with. Remember, there’s no harm in trying.

How To Manage And Optimise On Your Existing SEO Backlinks

‘A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush’ This saying is what you should apply when it comes to your existing business relationships.

Business relationships are vital in establishing trust and credibility in the market. It is less costly to retain your customers than it is to find and acquire new customers.

Similarly in the quest for digital brand or product awareness, brand visibility, quality traffic and  conversions for your business, do not neglect those backlinks that you have already built.

A good link building strategy will see to it that your backlinks are treasured, maintained and optimised to reach their full market potential.

Link building for businesses

Research shows link building for businesses has a high success rate once executed correctly.  It allows you to widen your brand exposure and visibility. When a website becomes famous, it gains more quality inbound links. 

A reliable and authoritative site will offer your website quality links. Building quality links will then highly rank your website. Aim at creating sustainable backlinks, which concentrates not on unlimited links but getting high-quality links.

Benefits of Link building

When you have good link strategy going,  you will reap the following benefits among others; 

  • more content exposure  in search results.
  • web traffic increases from other sites that are connected to you. 
  • increased  website authority through domain rating
  • Well-structured content which leads to more incoming quality links that are a valuable resource
  • supports index research for faster results in finding the website.
  • strong backlink relationships with other businesses.
  • builds website credibility and earns the customer’s trust.
  • gives your business more chances of getting sales

Where to get those links?

Pursuing quality links can help you build loads of fresh long-term business relationships with some of the top dogs or leaders in your industry.

Through these relationships, you will get exposure to the best in the industry. Quality backlinks are links from such leaders in the industry, with high domain ratings.  This is essential in making your website rank. 

Here are some tactics to getting  these high-quality links. 

1. Write a resource post.

There are a number of reasons people browse the internet including getting information on a particular subject or commercial buying of products and services.

Resource pages are a list of helpful links to a specific topic. Writing a resource post for your website is a smart way to start. 

It lures the target audience in a natural flow. If you plan to write a resource post, remember to have the content stick to its goal. Here are tips to make your content compelling:

  • Think of unique headlines. 
  • Research a topic and share your experiences and point of view. 
  • Write a headline with an accurate and specific goal.
  • Recognise other people’s pages when used as a reference. Inform them and ask if you can get any backlinks or social media shares

2. Engage in Public Relations

PR or Public Relations is the deliberation of releasing and spreading of data. Also, PR is a relationship between individuals, a group and the public.

The released information can affect the perception of the audience. Most PR professionals help businesses to establish a confident reputation to the public. They use different channels to spread data on various paid and unpaid ads. 

Besides blog posting, a press release is an effective way to share your work. It further helps to improve your search ranking on Google. 

3. Find Content lapses or gaps.

Finding gaps or lapses creates an opportunity for your improvement. Content gaps are the space between the user question and what answer they received. Filling in content gaps will allow you to generate authoritative links. 

Use the advantage of the lapses of some bloggers to make your content ahead of them. Most of them focus on text-based composition. The use of images or infographics make the content interactive. Remember, most people respond to visual information rather than context. Read further on Content Marketing

4. Infographics

Infographics are graphic representations of any information meant to convey a message promptly and clearly. Creating an infographic on hot topics will earn you authoritative links. Instagram and Twitter get the most audience engagement in terms of infographics. 

5. Check your competitor

Monitoring your competitor will help you to check their backlink sources. Conducting an audit on your competitor will show your position and room for improvement. 

It is much easier for you to determine where you should focus your improvement. Also, it will give you a hint to improve your niche for google ranking. 

The goal of checking your competitor is to outperform them or benchmark their tactics. You can take these steps to conduct your competitor’s analysis. 

  1. Look for your competitor’s URL. Also, it reveals your ups and downs. Spying is not a bad practice. It is the best you can to kick out the opponent from the picture. 
  2. Check how many backlinks they have. Finding out your competitor’s backlinks will give you other data such as the Domain score, Page score, Anchor text, and more.
  3. Find out the source of the backlinks. You can always take advantage of making the strategy better than them. 

6. Fixing Broken Links 

Broken links or Dead links are websites that are not working anymore. You may encounter an error page when you click the link. When you are new to link building, you are not aware that broken links can be a good source of quality links. 

Compose your outreach email and send it to the webmaster. Make your outreach email specific and straightforward. Tell them what you notice, suggest, and offer that you have ways to fix the broken links.

7. Use a credible influencer

Popularity attracts people’s eyes. Interviews and promotions using influencers will move your branding to the next level. They can drive more website traffic to become your prospective leads.

Influencer recommendations are more likely to be trusted due to their public image. Businesses use influencers and ambassadors to influence people’s buying decisions. 

8. Repurposing your content

Writing valuable content drives the interest of your audience. Moreover, giving the exact answers to their needs helps them to decide on their next move. 

Reproducing content is when you make the content fresh and updated to earn new links. Also, it does not mean to duplicate the content but to write a new form of the content. 

It helps to drive traffic and increase authoritative links. Make your repurposing content strategy in a way that your audience will love to read and access your content. Further  to increasing website traffic, it will boost your conversion rate. 

9. Advance Guest posting

Guest blogging is one of the most used link building strategies to earn links. It is proven and has been tested in recent times. Apart from generating links, here are some of its advantages:

  • Increase the number of visitors and readers to your website. 
  • Blogging builds your branding.
  • Establish a relationship with the audience or co-blogger.
  • Generate your links in a natural flow. 
  • Blogging improves your Google Search ranking. 
  • It increases engagement with the reader through comments.

10. Use of Charts, Tables, and Graphs

Charts, tables, graphs are the visual representation of relationships between data. It is to simplify the message of the correlating data. Use of visual representation makes the message simplified for the readers. 

Images create flow for you to produce authority links. Also, you can create graphs and charts to associate with your content. There are tools to help you with visual representations. In creating a visual representation, do not manipulate the result. Either good or bad, it will make you credible and show your expertise.

Managing existing links

Managing existing SEO backlinks is essential in maintaining your Google ranking. Monitoring your existing links makes you aware of your campaign status, gaps and harmful links. It will allow you to take immediate action toward opportunities.

What opportunities I need to keep track of in my profile?

Maintaining and tracking your link building campaign gives you an overall view of your strategy. Analysing your profile for tracking your metrics will give you an idea of your applied techniques. Sooner, you will discover new tactics applicable to your campaign.

Here are the metrics you need to take care of:

  • Check the date when the link went live. It is for you to check if the webmaster moved the page or the page itself becomes a broken link.
  • Review your referring domains. This way, you will discover loads of opportunities. There are potentially spammy links or untrusted URLs linked to your site. You need to eliminate and fix them before they cause you problems. Also, it can affect your other metrics and website visibility.
  • Is there an anchor text used? Anchor text is one of the SEO elements helping you identify which websites have spam works and which are  legit. An anchor text also tells your readers where they can find more information about the said topic.
  • How many Dofollow and Nofollow links are there? Both contribute to your website ranking. However, it is better to identify which of your links bring backlinks. 

Utilising existing backlinks

A smart way to save resources is to maintain its status. A quality backlink will generate good results by keeping it updated, it will lead to more opportunities. Here are several steps that might help you manage your existing backlinks. 

Step 1: Protect your links

Links are like the treasure boxes that you need to protect. Losing backlinks will affect the whole campaign. It is the first step in managing your backlinks. 

There are factors you cannot control such as;

  •  website closure 
  • Webmaster moving or updating outdated pages.
  • They remove your link, or 
  • They replace you as the reference or the link.

However, there are many alternatives that you can pursue to retrieve a link. For instance, the webmaster might not realise that there is an error that occurred on the page. They can publish and bring back the backlink.

Step 2: Review your fresh links

Newly acquired links will give you opportunities to check on your strategy status. Analysing your fresh acquired links will help you to know what content will fill in your audience. 

Along with the other webmaster linked to your site, they will notice changes and growth in your page. They might find your content worth sharing, reliable, and relevant. 

Platforms for managing backlinks allow you to combine different data and insights to form a new strategy. It always ends with the same goal, to increase the number of your quality links.

Step 3: Build more links with your link building strategies.

Identifying, tracking, and expanding your campaign profile are your routines in successfully managing your existing links. 

There are a bunch of strategies and ideas that you can do to generate links. Here are some of the most popular and successful link building strategies: 

  • Writing a guest post and publishing it to top rank sites.
  • Sending outreach emails to webmasters. Pitching guest posts or requesting a link in the body of the content.
  •  Searching and looking for unlinked brand mentions. Ask the webmaster if they can include your link as a reference.
  • You need to send out people for a product review. 
  • Participate and engage in forums and discussions. You can include links in your answers.
  • Conduct or guest an interview.

Step 4: Competitor link analysis

It is business as usual. Inspecting your competitor will always give you an edge. Auditing your top opponents gives an insight into your next. It is often a great move to take a few steps away from the competition.  

Assessing your competitor’s backlinks will make you realize many possibilities: 

  • Results will provide you the status and how well your competitors are fairing. 
  • It will give you the numbers and source of quality links your competitor has. You can review their profile and study how they came up with those links.
  • Find out how you can adopt or enhance the strategy used. 

Tools you can use to Manage your existing links.

Tracking and monitoring your campaign needs a lot of understanding and critical thinking. Therefore, tools are the right hand of every marketer. There are a lot of tools that you can use to keep track of your campaign. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools gives you the site’s performance like link data, organic search traffic, and other recommendations for your website to grow. 

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights helps marketers understand solutions on how they can improve their site performance and navigation. It defines how fast or slow the site for a user. The highest score is 100, 59 below is considered low. 

Page speed plays an essential role in the user’s impression of the website. The customer’s user experience begins in landing on the home page. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor all of the sites and information. Aside from being free, it is a must-have tool as a marketer. Google Analytics can give you analysis and reports that will help your campaign grow. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for newbies and startup businesses. It provides insights into your audience, what key terms drive organic traffic, and more. 

Schema builder

A schema is a form of code placed on your website for Google to understand your content easier. Schema builder allows you to follow your schema markup. It gives details like the field values, required fields and others.


BuzzStream is a tool that everyone can use. This tool offers fast-tracking of contacts and information dedicated for outreach purposes. 

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO has a lot of things to offer. More likely related to the backlink profile analysis such as External backlinks, backlink history and more. The tool will give you an insight into building your strategy better. 

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a helpful tool that measures your backlinks, pages, domain and anchor text. It is for you to formulate a better strategy in competing online.


Ahrefs is one of the most accurate tools in terms of backlinks analysis. It has a large backlink checking solution, best for a competitor backlink analysis. 


SEMrush is an all-in-tool used for SEO audits and monitoring. Also, it gives you marketing insights and opportunities to improve your online visibility. It is one of the recommended SEO tools for Campaign Management.


Links are the heart of your campaign. Managing your existing backlinks will give you more expertise and new learnings. Learning never stops. Always allow yourself to acquire new from what you have on your hands. You can never share what you don’t have.  

10 Proven Ideas for Website Content Inspiration

woman holding a light bulb drawing

Publishing more content can lead to higher search engine rankings, more traffic visitors, and more sales. About 4.4 million blog posts are published daily, demonstrating that businesses value website content.

However, your content needs to be high-quality and relevant to your audience.

Most writers and content creators tend to struggle with creative burnout or content blocks that inhibit their ability to produce more content.

This creative frustration can lead to burn out and cause you to stop producing content. The solution is finding a system that gets you out of your funk and generates website content ideas.

Content blocks can be applied to all forms of content creation, including blog posts, podcasts, videos, and ebooks.

Luckily, there are some hacks that you can apply, such as changing your environment or using a few research strategies to help you churn out more website content ideas.

Facing the Reality of Creative Burnout

According to Gallup, about 45% of millennials experience burnout from time to time. Many companies don’t create a burnout program for their employees. In fact, only about three out of ten managers will even address burnout.

Improving burnout and getting out of writer’s block is crucial to succeeding in your website content. Doing work that is unfulfilling or overworking yourself can lead to a lack of creative ideas.

It’s best to step away and recharge before coming back to work. Typically, you’ll get your best creative ideas for website content outside of your work environment. We’ve laid out the groundwork by providing ten ways to find creative inspiration.

Finding Creative Inspiration Again


1. Write a topic list

Instead of sitting down and deciding what to write about, it’s always best to prepare your content headlines and topics in advance. Spend a few hours creating a long list of potential topics to write about.

Use this time to research new business website content ideas that would benefit your audience. This list of topics should be enough to last you for about one to two months. It’s easier to brainstorm topics when your mind is focused on one thing.

2. Review blog comments

When coming up with good website content ideas, you’ll want to review blog comments from your previous post. If your blog comments haven’t received much engagement, look at competitor blog comments.

Get inspiration from what the audience is saying about a specific topic. Sometimes readers can provide feedback or input on ideas you’ve never thought about.

3. Scan through your social media follower’s pages

Those who are passionate about a particular interest or topic will usually post about them. For example, your audience might post about a beauty product they’ve tried or share their experience of a new diet.

You can look within Facebook groups to find out what people are saying about a subject. Also, consider asking your followers for feedback by asking for replies to your latest post.

4. Look through competitor websites

Sometimes it’s best to comb through competitor websites or even authority leaders. Never plagiarise or outright steal their work.

However, you can use their topics and headlines to draw ideas from them. The idea is to take their ideas and make them even better. You can read through their comments section to see if there were points that the blog post had missed.

5. Conduct interviews with your audience

The best way to understand what your readers want to learn is to ask them. Conduct interviews with your audience so that you can put yourself in their shoes.

If you get them talking, you’ll find that they will make some interesting statements. Record the interviews and listen to what their worries, fears, desires, and dreams are.

6. Use topic generator platforms

If you’re stuck, sometimes it might be useful just to use a few topic generator platforms. These platforms spit out ideas whenever you enter a topic or keyword.

They might give you headline titles or ideas about topics that will perform well based on engagement statistics. Here are a few topic generator websites:

7. Try Google search suggestions

Given all the data that Google has compiled, they can often offer you suggestions on related keywords or topics that people are looking for. If you type in the keyword “email marketing,” you may find suggestions like:

  • Email marketing software
  • Email marketing services
  • Email marketing jobs
  • Email marketing best practice
  • Email marketing templates
  • Email marketing strategy

You can then go through each article’s titles on the first page to see the kinds of articles being written.

8. Create a top 10 list

One easy content idea is to create a list post. Write about any subject and make a top ten list of it. For example, “top ten barbecue grills for the summer” or “best winter jackets under $100.”

These posts are fairly easy to write and are easy for readers to consume. They can simply scan through the article fast and give them something to act on immediately.

9. Talk about common misconceptions or mistakes

People love being surprised, especially when it’s something they never would’ve thought of. For instance, you can write about “the three reasons why your resume is getting thrown in the trash.”

This hits a big pain point for job seekers and makes them want to click on your blog post. Write about common beliefs that are mostly a myth.

Another great example is “why reading fitness magazines is keeping you overweight.” These headlines tend to relate to a person’s biggest fears are.

10. Write case study content

A case study adds social proof and credibility to your website. Ask your best customers to share their stories about how your services or product has changed their life.

Make sure to get details on what they were like before meeting you and how the result your business has brought to them. If you don’t have quantifiable results for a case study, use an industry case study.

Ensure that the case study points out the problem, and how the solution is similar to what you have to offer.

Besides the strategies on increasing content inspiration, make sure to create an inspiring environment to write in. Start by keeping your workspace organised.

Next, include things in your workspace that inspire you to perform at your best. This may include quotes or pictures.

For example, putting a picture of your hero might inspire you to perform like someone you admire. Vision boards can serve as a reminder to work hard to chase your dreams.

proven ideas

How to Generate Content Ideas for a Business Website

The purpose of a business website is to sell your services or products to your audience. A business website tends to be more ‘corporate’ and ‘professional,’ meaning you should be writing B2B content.

B2B content is writing content directly to develop your brand affinity, which drives leads and sales to other businesses.

You can leverage your competitors to create better website content. First, find the top-ranked articles in a niche. Then look at which keywords they are ranking for.

Make sure to note down which content types they have ignored in their articles. They might’ve missed a FAQ’s section in the blog post, or maybe you can add an infographic to make your blog post better than theirs.

Your blog post should be more comprehensive and easier to read than your competitors. Remember that it’s important to ensure your content is unique because Google will notice and rank your articles higher.


Sites to help you find inspiration

Often, we need a little boost. Luckily, there are websites out there that we can draw inspiration from to help us find content.

Whether it’s an idea generator site, a forum, or a site that pumps out trending topics, going through these when we’re stuck can spark creative ideas in our minds.

BuzzFeed – BuzzFeed is the home for finding breaking news, celeb gossip, quizzes, videos, and vital journalism. You’ll find everything from DIY hacks, tasty food recipes, trivia, quizzes, and other shareable content.

Quora – Quora is a platform for anyone to ask and answer questions. Connect with others and gain insights on various topics.

Pinterest – Pinterest is one of the best social media for visual inspiration. It allows you to create and follow visual boards of images that are related.

Reddit – Reddit is one of the best ways to find out what people are talking about. It consists of subcommunities where anyone can chime in and start conversations. Join in or browse through conversations to see what people are struggling with.

YouTube Trends – YouTube Trends is a section on Youtube that enables users to view what is trending on YouTube and worldwide. These are a wide array of videos that have surfaced recently that many viewers find fascinating.

Some are predictable, like music videos, while others can help you gain insight into what is gaining attention. For example, in 2017, bitcoin took the world by storm. Being one of the first to create content on bitcoin may have attracted many new visitors to your site. 

Sometimes we find quotes to be both motivational and comforting. Finding a good quote can help you relate and make sense of how you’re feeling.

Here are a few quotes to remember any time you have writer’s block. You may want to hang these quotes up on your wall next to your work desk.

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” – Charles Bukowski.

“All writing problems are psychological problems. Blocks usually stem from the fear of being judged. If you imagine the world listening, you’ll never write a line. That’s why privacy is so important. You should write first drafts as if they will never be shown to anyone.” – Erica Jong.


We all get stuck sometimes. Sometimes, we experience fear or anxiety that block our brains from coming up with great ideas. In that case, we can use tactical strategies to bypass our brain. Using google suggestions, topic generators, and finding ideas from our competitors doesn’t require much brainpower. But, what is the best method that you’ve found to gain creative inspiration?

Once you’ve generated a topic, you’ll need to find out which keywords you can rank to drive traffic to your site. Check out our recent post about

how to outperform your competitors using a proven keyword research strategy




Critical Success Factors in Content Marketing

Ever heard of the phrase “content is king?” The term means that high-quality, unique, relevant, and interesting content leads to a successful digital marketing presence for a company. Without content marketing, social media, the internet as a whole wouldn’t exist.

For a company, content marketing helps you connect with your customers, build trust with your audience, improves conversions, and generates leads. Customers expect consistent and high-quality content from their favorite brands. Building a content marketing strategy can drive your business forward by gaining more awareness and ultimately increasing sales.

Do not leave these factors out in your Content Marketing Plan!

1. Create a Versatile Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a good content marketing strategy isn’t just managing a social media account, filming videos, or writing articles. There needs to be a thoughtful strategy and system that is designed to achieve your desired result and hit your target content marketing KPIs.

Here are a few questions that your content marketing strategy should answer:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your content marketing strategy?
  • Are you looking to build brand awareness or drive more online sales?
  • How do you want others to perceive your brand?
  • What action are you driving your leads towards? For example, are you looking for your potential prospects to subscribe to your email newsletters or pick up the phone and call you?

A content marketing plan means having clear objectives that define whether or not your efforts are successful. An effective content strategy involves project management, team management, consistent execution, distribution process, and a seamless content creation system. However, don’t get hasty. Great results from content marketing can take months or years to see. Always manage your expectations and set realistic goals.

2. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Since content doesn’t cost you money, brands can get swept up in spending too much. Content that doesn’t help or provide entertainment value to your customers won’t produce meaningful results. Always look for content marketing examples within your niche or industry that are currently trending to find the type of content that engages your audience.

Producing a creative explainer video, a thorough and well-written article, or a visual infographic can offer real value to people. Content that doesn’t have a specific purpose tends to get lost in the shuffle. Bad content tends to turn your audience off and makes you look untrustworthy. It may make sense to hire a content marketing agency to ensure that you are putting high-quality content under your brand domain. You may decide to allocate a larger budget towards content creation and distribution instead of employing too many content creators.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook will punish you for posting too frequently. Excessive amounts of posts tell their AI bots that the content is irrelevant and shallow, resulting in less exposure to your page. Remember, quality over quantity.

3. Commit to Content Marketing Long Term

Succeeding in any endeavor requires a real commitment. Expect to be bad at content marketing at first. However, with time, you’ll begin to analyze how to improve on what you’re doing. Eventually, you’ll catch onto what works and what doesn’t.

All successful content marketers commit to producing high-quality content and are willing to do what it takes to ensure it happens. This means investing in the right resources and training their team to produce content in a way that fits their brand persona.

Content marketing can be quite complicated. Digital marketers must understand inbound marketing, industry trends, and what your customers truly want. Simply producing creative content isn’t enough. You need to fit your content with effective SEO practices to ensure Google sees your content as authoritative and relevant to users. Although it isn’t rocket science, it takes time to learn the in’s and out’s of effective content marketing.

4. Continue Learning and Evolving

Always think about what your audience is looking for.  Once you understand their pain, frustration, dreams, and desires, you’ll be able to produce content that appeals to them. Tailor your content to their wants and target the exact customer profile that you’re looking for.

There isn’t a magical formula for creating viral content that gets millions of shares. But, one way to increase your shareability is to make your content useful. If your content helps the end-user with a problem they are facing, you stand a much better chance of gaining their loyalty.

Content marketing examples of useful content include:

  • User guides
  • Infographics
  • List format posts
  • Videos
  • Interactive content such as questionnaires, surveys, polls, and quizzes

Always do your research to see what type of content and content topics that your audience enjoys engaging with. Don’t just create content about topics you enjoy. Find out what topics your audience wants to learn more about.


How to measure content marketing strategy success?

Measuring your content marketing’s degree of success allows you to double down on what’s working and improve upon ineffective areas. First, begin by deciding how often you need to collect data. Then put together a spreadsheet that tracks the following information:

  • Marketing goals: List your content marketing goals in order.
  • Content marketing KPIs: Determine what are the critical success factors for your content marketing strategy. Consider the number of traffic visitors, new email subscribers, sale conversions, etc.
  • Plan for tracking:  Who should be tracking this data or what tools will be used
  • Different platforms to track: SEO progress, social media engagement, and others.

Make sure always to ask whether your content marketing strategy is achieving the results I’m looking for.

Best Successful Content Marketing Examples

1. Oracle “On The Fly” Video Series

Oracle, a company that sells cloud engineered systems, database software and technology, and enterprise software products, releases a two-minute video series called “On the Fly” every week. This video series provides bite-sized advice from experts about marketing and customer experience. In 2020, the second season has aired and has received raving reviews. Originally, the series started as actionable marketing tips while traveling. In April, the videos transitioned to videos about marketing during the disruption. These videos are both authentic and casual, so consumers can easily take-in the advice given.

2. Webbula’s eBook

Webbula has been the leading expert selling audience data, data appends, email verification, and email hygiene for ten years. Their mission is to help businesses keep their email database current, healthy, and growing. They gave their prospects and customers an eBook teaching them the importance of email hygiene. The book interviews five companies, asking them their approach to email list health and how email hygiene has improved their marketing. Webbula used an eBook to deliver real value to their clients and used social proof to bolster their credibility.

3. Visit California “See You Soon” Video Series

One of the industries that suffered the most during the pandemic is the tourism and travel industry. Visit California is a travel guide company that helps inspire people to visit California. They create marketing programs to promote California as the premier destination to travel to. However, with the pandemic shutdown that has occurred, they had to pivot their content marketing strategy. Instead, they aim to build the anticipation of traveling to California when it is safe to do so. For their marketing video series, they repurposed stock aerial footage of the most iconic California scenic locations and added the title “see you soon.” This marketing campaign is simple yet extremely powerful by giving them something to look forward to.

critical 1

Content Marketing tools popular with most successful companies


Content Marketing Tool Purpose 
Hubspot CRM for inbound marketing and sales
WordPress Build a blog or website
Grammarly Improves grammar
Yoast Improves SEO
Buzzsumo Uncover content ideas
Vidyard Screen record and share videos
Airstory Save research as notes for future content
Hootsuite Manage and schedule social media posts
Ahrefs Improve SEO rank to gain more traffic
Canva Create beautiful graphics for content
HotJar Gain insight and analytics on how traffic visitors interact with your website


Content marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. Staying consistent, creating useful content, and tracking your progress are a few success factors to winning content marketing. However, content marketing is constantly evolving. What do you believe is most important when it comes to succeeding in content marketing?

However, creating high-quality content is just one aspect of content marketing. Dominating your search engine ranking by understanding SEO basics will help new customers find you and attract more traffic visitors to your website.

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, remember always prioritize helping your audience with your content. As Avinash Kaushik put it, “content is anything that adds value to your reader’s life.” Avoid coming across as pushy in your content.

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