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Measuring Local SEO Success – Utilising Accurate Local SEO Software for Your Campaigns

In today’s digital world, with more companies online than ever before, it becomes crucial to establish a strong online presence. Without one, it can get very difficult to gain an edge over your competitors or even generate enough buzz about your business.

This is where local SEO becomes even more important. Managing and optimising local SEO like a pro helps you promote your services and products to a wide variety of the local market with added ease and power. However, taking care of every nook and corner of local SEO can be quite tough to do without any help.

Businesses can thus use local SEO software to manage all their local SEO woes in a streamlined fashion. If you are looking to utilise software for local SEO and measure your success, here are the best local SEO software available to you in the market currently.

Best-in-class local SEO software for your campaigns

  1. Synup Listings Scan


Consistency in listing citations and positive reviews is crucial when it comes to maintaining a strong local SEO presence online. When your business’ listings are not consistent over the web, search engines demote your rankings and do not show you on the first page of search results.

Plus, negative and unresolved reviews on the Web can severely hamper your local SEO rankings as well. This is where Synup Listings Scan can help you out.

Synup Listings Scan is a local SEO software that helps you scan your business listings in over a hundred local directories. This software for local SEO gives you a detailed snapshot of how your business listings appear on different websites. In case of anomalies or inconsistencies, you can go ahead and update all such listings. Doing so helps you give your local SEO a boost.

It also provides a section where you can check all reviews relevant to your company. You can then pick up all negative reviews, reach out to those customers, resolve their issues and ask them to put up a good review if they’d like.

  1. Yext


Another powerful software for local SEO, Yext majorly helps businesses manage their local directory pages and reviews. The Yext Listings feature helps you get in touch with over a hundred local listings and enables you to gain more visibility on the web.

With increased mentions of your business on local directories, your local SEO receives a significant boost.

This local SEO software is incredibly easy-to-use and super intuitive. Thus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out its ins and outs. It also offers the Yext Pages feature, using which you can optimise highly-targeted landing pages for your users.

Yext also comes with a Knowledge Manager feature that gives you important insights on your target audience.

  1. Whitespark


While the most important feature of this local SEO software is to help you find citation opportunities that you might be missing, it offers more than just that. The Local Rank Tracker on Whitespark enables users to localise all their Google and Bing ranking data.

The Reputation Builder feature on this software for local SEO helps you collect all negative reviews of your company and gives you the opportunity to salvage them.

The best thing about this feature is that it even gives you pointers on how to resolve these issues. There’s also the Link Prospector feature that helps you amplify your website content by designing new opportunities for linking.

  1. SEMrush


One of the most popular and must have local SEO software, SEMrush is powerful and intuitive. With over 40 different features available in this software for local SEO, it makes handling and managing your business’ local SEO very easy.

The Keyword Position tool is one of the most powerful features available on SEMrush. It enables users to see rankings for their keywords over a period of time and also helps you identify how well this particular keyword is working out for your competitors.

SEMrush also offers analysis tools such as Content Marketing Analysis, Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis.

Other important local SEO features available on SEMrush include Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Link Building, Listing Management, Social Media Toolkit, PPC Keyword Research, Paid Advertising, and more.


Utilising local SEO software to manage and optimise your local SEO efforts can help you get faster results. These services are super intuitive to use and help you get a head-start on your local SEO strategies.

Plus, the advanced features ensure that you are getting the best out of all your local SEO efforts. You wouldn’t need to worry about forgetting about something or overlooking a crucial part of local SEO. With such advanced power in hand, gaining an edge over your competitors and developing a strong local SEO game becomes a breeze.





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