A Brief Guide to Optimise your Dental Website for SEO

As more and more people search on google for answers, it has become fiercely competitive to get noticed for your products and services in the market. This is the case in the dental industry, requiring dental practices to stand out and beat the competition.

Experience and research has shown that when a dental practice ranks high in some of the world’s most competitive cities, the traffic volumes from organic traffic can be considerably high, deducing that the return on investment on an effective dental SEO campaign is well worth the time and effort.

Why not optimise your dental practice’s website? There are a lot of advantages you can take from using SEO for Dentists. Let’s discuss it further as we go through this post.

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A Quick recap: what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO practices enable your business to rank highly preferably, above the fold in search engine results pages (SERP) where the ultimate goal is to gain visibility and acquire quality organic (unpaid) traffic  to your web pages or website.

With proper research, strategy execution, monitoring and a splash of patience, you will reap sustainable lifetime value.

Benefits of SEO in your Dental Website

Google presents a levelled playing field for all organic traffic, prospective customers mostly gravitate towards google search prior to their final decision making. Have you ever wondered how a dentist gets its customers? or how you ended up choosing your last dentist? 

You would be surprised to know that not only do most people rely on ‘dentists near me’ in google, but most importantly rely on reviews on google and word of mouth.

As such SEO for dentists, also called dental SEO, focuses on optimizing a dental practice’s website for search engines and users to increase the site’s visibility in search engine results’ pages.

An effective SEO strategy will benefit your practice and your target audience. The following include the main benefits of using SEO for Dental Practices.

Once your website gets ranked, Google will refer your website to answer people’s queries. Gear up your website with correct and relevant keywords to link to your content. Optimise your landing pages to minimise bounce rates

Boost your Website Traffic

Utilise the ‘free’ google clicks on your ranked pages. The more people see your contact, great reviews, and location, the more you will get increased traffic to your website which breeds higher conversions and profits for your business. 

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Promotes a better customer experience and conversion rate

SEO can give a better customer experience for your audience. It includes giving your audience the correct and relevant information at the right pivotal moment.

When more people are visiting your website, the chance of getting more sales also increases. It will give you higher results of conversion rate, helping your website to rank up.


SEO is Cost Efficient

Using SEO as your marketing strategy is more cost-efficient than the others. The internet can offer a lot of channels where you can share your content.

Further, this marketing technique enables the audience to initiate an action (search query) and you are able to serve them with a product or service at the right point to meet their needs

SEO will help your clients to visit your clinic

Local SEO will help your patients to locate and visit your clinic. If your website is ranked above the fold in SERP in your local area, there is a high chance of getting patients within the location. 

It helps to boost your website credibility and promote brand awareness

When most people visit your website, it increases your website traffic. Meaning people trust your website more than others. Earning trust is not that easy as the blink of an eye. 

Trust and credibility builds long term loyal customer relationships hence profits for your business.

SEO helps you to establish your brand awareness. Being on the top search result will earn you the spotlight of being known in that specific field. The best result of it is getting famous and getting more potential clients and of course profits.


Stepping ahead from your competitors


The main goal of this strategy is to be ahead of your competitors. You can research your competitor’s status and analyze it. From there, you will know your edge and what you should improve. There are a lot of effective SEO strategies that you can do to offbeat your competitors.

With all the benefits you can get, you might wonder how to get results using the SEO to your dental website. 


How to Optimize your Website

There are many ways to increase your website traffic. Here are the simplest ways to set up your SEO campaign.

Step 1: Analyze your website and do intensive keyword research

Analyze your website to determine your weak points and edges. From the result, you will discover what element you should work on to improve.

Using the right keywords will help your website rank up. Keywords are terms that people use to find answers in search engines. It is essential to use keywords intelligently so that Google can refer to your dental website as relevant to the query.

Compose well-structured articles and develop your on-page SEO

According to research, 1,600 words articles is the ideal length. Before starting to write your blog post, make sure to consult Google to check the most researched keywords so that you can highlight and emphasize your chosen keywords.

You can use industry best seo tools such as Ahrefs to analyse keywords.

These on-page elements keep your website alive. These include your:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt text
  • URLs
  • Page Speed
  • Internal Linking
  • Headings
  • Relevancy and responsive design
  • User experience

Read https://convertedclick.co.uk/seo-101-search-engine-optimization-fundamentals-made-simple/

Ensure that all of these are working, continuous monitoring is crucial. Strive for your website to give a great first impression to your audience or clients.

Why should you invest in SEO?

SEO will give you the best result in digital marketing. Using your content, you will get more clients who are thinking of pursuing something related to your industry. 

For example, a mother of kids looking for a dentist in your local area, we can’t deny that she might look for an answer on Google. 

This act is to confirm the clinic’s information. If your website is in top search engine results, she might probably visit your website. If your website is beneficial enough to convince the patients, they will eventually go to your clinic.

Another point is sharing your goal with your prospective clients or patients. You can educate them by writing an informative blog post about dentistry. Also, you can create a community and get them involved in your clinic’s activities.

To Sum it all

SEO is not company eccentric, but focuses more on customer or client. It makes sure that content is valuable, relevant and beneficial. SEO for Dentists is surely the way to go. Your dental practice will benefit from increased traffic volume, trust and credibility.